Review: Kitty Fisher’s’ welsh rarebit – ‘gooey decadence’ in Mayfair

Christopher Jackson visits the famous little restaurant in Mayfair and finds an establishment whose charms are evolving under George Barson Kitty Fisher’s is in Shepherd Market, a nook whose secret charm belies a seedy reputation. The place has long had an association with high class prostitution, and even alarming death – Keith Moon and Mama Cass succumbed in short succession in the same flat just round the corner. As if anxious to remind historians of these connotations, it was here that Jeffrey Archer met with prostitute Monica Coghlan en route to boisterous political immolation and caddish literary success. Kitty Fisher’s too has been a success, but a far nobler one. It was opened by three well-connected friends Oliver Milburn, Tom Mullion and Tim Steele in 2014. It went straight into the stratosphere; the place caught on. But things here have evolved considerably since those early headlines of David Cameron struggling … Continue reading Review: Kitty Fisher’s’ welsh rarebit – ‘gooey decadence’ in Mayfair