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‘No nonsense, no pretension, Paul is the absolute ‘What You See Is What You Get’ family lawyer. And what you get is an intelligent and excellent practitioner,’ a fellow solicitor says of the straight-talking Paul Newton.

Since qualifying in 2003, Newton has specialised in the resolution of complex financial disputes arising from divorce, and pre- and postnups. A good family lawyer cuts through issues and doesn’t litigate for the sake of it, he explains, adding: ‘Clients are increasingly time- and costs-conscious these days, so you need to steer them to the things that matter.’

In keeping with Clintons’ ethos, Newton is a champion of arbitration. He has seen prenups move from the exotic to become de rigueur: ‘There’s much less stigma, and rightly so.’

Spear’s notes Newton’s passion for the job, a quality which he considers a necessary prerequisite. But Newton is also down-to-earth and realistic.

‘It’s about managing people’s expectations and making them realise from the very start that it’s not about the here and now but about how their lives look at the end of it all,’ he says.