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Most expensive pets to own in UK

Most expensive pets to own in UK

Britain is a nation of animal lovers. And we amply demonstrate that love by spending a whopping £5 billion each year on pets. While owning a pet can seem like the done thing to do, whether your tastes are domestic or exotic it can come at a hefty price. Here are some of the most expensive pets to own in UK.

Though both dogs and cats are by far the most popular pet of choice, there is a wide range of animals available to keep and look after at home, whether it’s a white lion cub or a chimpanzee. These exotic animals are not a popular choice but they’re undeniably some of the most expensive to own, however, even the most popular pets can be pricey too.

Taking into account the price of the pet, its enclosure and a standard batch of food, research by revealed the costs of owning ten of the most popular pet breeds in the UK, including a dog, cat and rabbit.


A parrot is the most expensive pet to own in the UK coming in at just under £1,000. It was revealed that opting for a striking Grey African Parrot will cost on average, £959.


While the parrot was discovered to be the highest priced option, the lizard followed in second place. The bearded dragon is the most picked reptile to have as a pet in the UK and will cost around £300 to purchase – with a vivarium coming in at approximately £145 and a box of moist food £11. This comes in at a total cost of £456.


Exotic animals aside, the dog is the third most expensive pet to own averaging at £406. With the most popular breed in the UK being the Black Labrador, a puppy will cost about £350. This includes an indoor cage for night time and when travelling, which will cost £50 and of course food, with one bag of meaty treats coming in at £6. Cats however, were revealed to be, out of ten, the second cheapest pet to own. The price of a kitten is on average £25, while a cat carry box is, on average, priced at £17 and food £6.

The price of a pet tortoise on average is £200, while a tank is, on average, priced at £75 and food £10.

A ferret is the fifth most expensive pet to own in the UK, costing an average of £157, considering the cost of buying the animal, purchasing an enclosure or carry box and the cost of one standard portion of food.

A spokesperson for said: “Owning a pet can seem like a great idea, especially families wanting a dog or cat to complete their home. However, many people are unaware of the actual costs that come with pet ownership. Buying an animal in the first place is always going to be costly, whether you choose a popular or unusual species or breed. On top of that, the food is always going to be hefty every week”.

On the list of the most popular pets to own in the UK, the rabbit, guinea pig, goldfish, cat and hamster were revealed to be the cheapest to own.

While the price of the pets can vary depending on breed, other factors contribute such as health and hygiene – which are often overlooked,