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Most expensive Mercedes

SLS AMG GT Coupé – from £165,030 OTR

Engine: Petrol – 6,2087cc, 8-cylinder, 591hp/435kW

Transmission: AMG Speedshift DCT 7-speed automatic

For just over £165,000, you could be driving away in Mercedes-Benz’s top-of-the-range SLS AMG GT, which has a top speed of 199 mph and takes you from nought to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Replacing the SLS AMG Coupe and Roadster, the GT version boasts more power (20 hp, to be exact), an optimised AMG Speedshift dual-clutch, seven-speed sports transmission and AMG ride control sports suspension, which has been completely redeveloped.

With the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine, this beauty gives drivers real-time display of engine output, torque, and accelerator position and times.

Tested against extreme levels of rainfall and dust, the SLS AMG GT will see you right whatever the weather, with a glass draught-stop, and neck and shoulder warming air vents built into the driver and passenger seats.

Though safety is a given with German-made cars, the SLS AMG GT has undergone 35 real-life crash tests and 1,000 computer-simulated impacts, resulting in an extremely strong vehicle that can support three times its own weight.