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Family Law Rising Stars

‘A rising star among her peers in this field of law,’ Lucy Gould is a name increasingly breathed with respect by senior solicitors and barristers alike.

Withers-qualified and with valuable experience in Hong Kong (‘People litigate hard there, not like they do here’), Gould developed an interest in complicated trust arrangements. Her early experience was broad: ‘I was doing a mixture of finance, international and children work. While on the LPC I spent time working as a volunteer at Refuge on research into forced marriage just as the Forced Marriage Act came into force.’

This natural litigator saw major litigation up close as a trainee in the high-profile Tchenguiz v Imerman case. Gould recently assisted a high-profile CEO in contested financial remedy proceedings concerning assets and tax across three jurisdictions and was resolved through arbitration, avoiding the risk of major press interest for the client.

Gould initially went to ballet school, but the law hasn’t stymied a marked creative bent: ‘I’m quite rigorous about the law,’ she says. ‘I wanted to do something intellectually stimulating — but I’m practical and creative.’