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Katie Waissel net worth

  • TV Personality
  • Before auditioning for The X Factor, Waissel had worked as a receptionist, waitress and once worked at OK! Magazine. Waissel went though to the X Factor finals in which she finished seventh place.

    X Factor however, was not Waisell’s first time on TV, in mid-to-late 2009; she featured in an intuitive, online reality show Green Eyed World, supported by Sprite. The show concentrated on her trip in the US and Europe with expectations of a record label in 14 scenes of approximately 5 minutes long each. Sprite experimented with the world’s first YouTube/Facebook digital connection.
    During her time on the show, Waissel shot a music video for her song “Live and Learn”, and released a five-track EP, Songs from Under the Covers under “KatieVRecords”. A song recorded at the time, a duet with The Private Life of David Reed “Moving Mountains”, later appeared on their self-titled album during her time on The X Factor under the alias “Lola Fontaine”. Waissel has been on tour with East 17 and Andy Abraham. Sometime after the show, Waissel performed in Hollywood for Paris Hilton together with friend and fellow contestant X Factor Storm Lee.

    Waisell entered the Celebrity Big Brother House on July 28, 2016.