The Spear's Schools index in partnership with Carfax Education: Top Ten Rest of Europe - Spear's Magazine

The Spear’s Schools index in partnership with Carfax Education: Top Ten Rest of Europe

The Spear’s Schools index in partnership with Carfax Education: Top Ten Rest of Europe

The top 10 schools in Europe (not including the UK or Switzerland), compiled by Spear’s magazine in association with Carfax Education 

Aloha College

Co-ed, Day ($5,000-$16,000), 840 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Be the best
Curriculums: IGCSE, A-level, IB, Spanish curriculum
Malaga; 40 min

Popular with expats and local families in Marbella, Aloha integrates the UK and Spanish curriculums and was one of the first schools in Spain to offer the IB. This not-for-profit school founded in 1982 is set in a large eco-campus that allows it to offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, with a FIFA-certified football pitch, a theatre and plenty of other opportunities.

British School of Brussels

Co-ed. Day ($32,000-$41,000), 1,350 pupils, 1-18
Focus: Broadening minds and horizons
Curriculums: IGCSE, A-level, IB, BTECs,
Accessibility: Brussels; 20 min

The Duke of Edinburgh formally opened this British school in 1969. Since then it has grown to encompass 70 nationalities, offer a bilingual programme in ten year groups, and deliver a dynamic and diverse curriculum. Ideally situated next to Tervuren park, minutes from central Brussels, this inclusive, non-selective school gets great results and pupils go on to study at top universities

The British School of Milan

Co-ed, Day ($14,250-$22,500), 720 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Developing the life of the mind
Curriculums: IGCSE, IB
Accessibility: Milan Malpensa; 45 mins

The fascinating Head, Dr Chris Greenhalgh, a poet and novelist, is responsible for one of the top ten British overseas schools in the world. This standing comes from an academically rigorous curriculum, an ethos that promotes service, and an international outlook. The teaching style is progressive and the school has lots of tech, but instilling a love of learning has been the root of the school’s success.

The International School of Monaco

Co-ed, Day ($24,000-$31,500), 650 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Internationally minded
Curriculums: IGCSE. IB
Accessibility: Nice; 30 mins

Set in Port Hercule, with stunning views, this school is the epitome of internationalism, educating pupils from more than 55 countries in a bilingual (English/French) curriculum. Academic results are good, and it has a hi-tech science centre and purpose-built sports facility. Head Julian Thomas says results ‘open doors to the finest universities and employment opportunities in the world’.

International School of Nice

Co-ed, Day ($16,800–$21,600), 360 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Empathetic global citizens
Curriculums: PYP, IGCSE, IB/APs,
Accessibility: Nice; 10 mins

Offering a hybrid curriculum moving from IB to IGCSE and back to IB and APs, this English-speaking school is academically ambitious for its pupils. Strong academic results ensure they go on to achieve places at top universities. With more than 40 nationalities enrolled, the school has created a real sense of community with an active PTA, so there is a relatively low turnover of families.

International School of Paris

Co-ed, Day ($30,000-$37,000), 750 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Educating for complexity
Curriculums: IB
Accessibility:  Orly & Charles de Gaulle; 35 min

Spread across three campuses a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and partially housed in the former Musée des Arts Decoratif, this school recognises that its cohort of 65 nationalities need to be educated to ‘engage and succeed in a complex world’. Offering the IB curriculum at every level ensures a global perspective, while the mother-tongue tuition means you can slot in back home.

Letovo School

Co-ed, Boarding ($20,000),445 pupils, 12-17
Focus: Opportunities for motivated children
Curriculums: IB, Russian Diploma, APs
Accessibility: Moscow Vnukovo; 20 mins

This unique Moscow school, founded in 2018, aims to give gifted pupils the opportunity to study at the highest level (85 per cent receive scholarship funding). Study is bilingual, so pupils can graduate with both Russian and international qualifications. Founder Vadim Moshkovich wants to prepare pupils ‘to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news’.

Mougins School

Co-ed, Day $17,800-$21,000, 500 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Producing well-rounded students
Curriculums: IGCSE, A-level.
Accessibility: Nice; 20 mins

This architecturally striking school with its eco-friendly buildings is located outside the beautiful hilltop village of Mougins. The school offers a wide range of academic subjects alongside activities such as Physics Olympiad and Model United Nations. More than 40 nationalities are represented. Good results and strong business and design pathways take many pupils on to top universities.

St George’s British International School

Co-ed, Day ($12,000-$23,000), 890 pupils, 3-18
Focus: Innovation, rounded individuals
Curriculums: IGCSE, IB
Acessibiliuty: Rome Fiumicino & Ciampino; 30 mins

Founded 1958 to serve British, international and expat families in Rome, the school is now spread over two campuses and educates nearly 900 children from 86 countries. For an inclusive, nonselective school, the academic results compare favourably with many other top international schools. Co-curricular activities include an archaelogy club and an astronomy club.

Schule Schloss Salem

Co-ed, Boarding $49,000-$54,250, 600 pupils, 12-18
Focus: Encouraging responsibility
Curriculums: German Abitur, IB
Accessibility: Zurich; 1 hr 30 mins

The most prestigious international boarding school in Germany has educated many members of European Royal families. It is based on high academic expectations, experiential learning opportunities and participation in active services. Pupils learn to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and tackle challenges confidently. Teaching is in German and English.

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