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Nicholas Foulkes

Nicholas Foulkes has written around 20 books on subjects as diverse as James Bond, the Battle of Waterloo, and the trenchcoat. He also writes regularly for Country Life, The FT’s How To Spend It Magazine and Vanity Fair; In 2007 he was named Havana Man of the Year by the Cuban government.

William Sitwell

William Sitwell is editor of Waitrose Kitchen and an established food critic and writer. He has authored several books and appears regularly on television and radio.

Clive Aslet

Clive Aslet is an award-winning writer and journalist, acknowledged as a leading authority on Britain and its way of life. He joined the magazine Country Life in 1977 and was Editor for 13 years. Sir Max Hastings credited him as being an ‘extraordinarily informed and influential standard-bearer for the cause of the countryside and Britain’s heritage for many years’.

The Discriminator

Alessandro Tome is an appreciator of the best in life - the finest manners, the best behaviour, the classiest mores - and a sharp eye for when it falls short.

William Cash

William Cash is founder and editor-at-large of Spear’s and a columnist and contributor to the magazine. He set the magazine up in 2006 and previously worked as a Hollywood-based journalist. He has twice been named editor of the year at the PPA Independent Publisher Awards and contributes to titles such as the New Statesman and The Times.

Sam Leith

Sam Leith is the literary editor of the spectator, a columnist for the Evening Standard and author of You Talkin’ to Me?

Christopher Silvester

Spear’s editor has previously written obituaries for The Times, book reviews for the Financial Times and features for Newsweek. From 2004 to 2007, he wrote the weekly ‘Diary’ column for the Independent on Sunday. From 2005 to 2012 he had more book reviews published in British publications than any other journalist, covering history, politics, film, showbusiness, Americana, and general biography.

Alec Marsh

Alec Marsh is editor of Spear’s, and a contributor to the New Statesman. He has also contributed to The Spectator, Country Life and the Financial Times, and written regularly for titles including the The Times, Daily Telegraph, and Daily Mail. A BSME award-winning editor, Alec has interviewed many leading figures in British political life over the last two decades and writes on a broad range of topics, from world affairs to politics, society, economics, wealth, culture and more.

Rasika Sittamparam

Senior researcher and longest standing member of the Spear’s intelligence unit. Specialised in reporting on science, emerging markets, law, fintech, international financial centres, luxury & culture. Data geek.

Edwin Smith

Spear’s deputy editor & head of the Spear’s research unit; a journalist who writes about wealth, business, culture and lifestyle, and has contributed to publications such as the Telegraph, Guardian, Wired and Esquire.

Emelia Hamilton Russell

Before joining Spear’s in July 2017, Emelia was senior features writer at The Student. She has also contributed to Elite Traveler, Columnist and Glamour, and has been published in academic journals such as the Durham English Review and Vides.