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Spear’s is the multi-award-winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand whose flagship magazine has become a must-read for the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) community. It is also required reading for the affluent financial services community, including the bankers, lawyers and family offices who advise the wealthy.

Since its launch in 2006, Spear’s has established itself as Europe’s leading wealth management authority, as well as for its witty and incisive commentary on arts, business and lifestyle. Using print, digital, events, awards and research-based products and services, Spear’s is uniquely placed to connect financial and luxury brands to this exclusive and elusive audience.

The Spear’s readership is made up of extremely wealthy individuals and families (average assets of £5 million+) and ranges from hedge fund managers to property developers, rock stars to Rich-Listers, entrepreneurs and entertainers. The brand aims to provide an informative, entertaining and objective guide to all aspects of the high- net-worth lifestyle, from its problems to its pleasures.

Covering wealth, business, culture and HNW life, Spear’s has been called ‘the Bible of the banking fraternity’ by GQ, ‘a European rival to Forbes’ by the Evening Standard and ‘the New Yorker of finance’ by the Independent, and goes to 30,000 leading decision-makers and wealth-creators.

Spear’s is published by Spear Publishing.

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