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Zoe Bloom wins the admiration of her peers, one of whom says that she would instruct the ‘formidably tenacious’ lawyer herself if she were going through a divorce. Bloom is also valued for her ‘pithy and straight-talking’ personality.

Her international client base includes cutting-edge business minds: a typical Bloom client is as likely to hold a portion of their assets in Bitcoins as in
trust funds. She’s also a lawyer for the ‘dynamic next generation,’ says one peer.

Spear’s is not surprised to find that Bloom’s caseload is notably complex: she points humorously to the ‘narcissistic, borderline personalities on the other side’. She specialises in steering her clients through the highly emotive terrain of litigation: ‘It’s absolutely mental but very fulfilling,’ she says.

Bloom notes that there is now a culture clash between the ‘older school of judges’, who are in favour of joint lives maintenance and bigger sums for wives, and newer ones who try to curtail the awards. The outcome of a case is dependent on the judges’ discretion, and is therefore inherently unpredictable.

Bloom, whom peers consider an ‘experienced and fearless’ strategist, also points to the highly contentious nature of her work: ‘They’re either going to be given nothing and to continue being controlled [by their former spouse], or they’re going to have to litigate to get something.’